Friday, October 11, 2013

DDD North 2013 - What sessions to go to?

DDD North 2013 is almost upon us! 

DDD North is a free .NET developer event put on in the north of England. You can find out all about it here

I have been debating about this for weeks and as it stands, my current choice of sessions to attend are:

TDD - Where did it all go wrong? 
This session is being delivered by Ian Cooper. I attended a session of his on Event Driven Service Orientated Architecture at last year's DDD North event and found him to be a very informative and engaging presenter. His session is focused on helping us re-discover Kent Beck's original proposition for unit testing and in the process write fewer but better tests - Surely this can only be a good thing?

Scaling systems - Architectures that grow
I like to try and attend an architecture related session whenever possible to help broaden my view of how you can design a system. I do not expect to come away an expert in the subject (there is only so much that can be delivered and absorbed in an hour...) but hope it will give me a high level idea of what you should be aspiring to.

Automated build is not the end of the story
I have been doing quite a bit of work regarding going beyond the automated build recently with some colleagues at work. There has been a focus on driving towards continuous delivery with automated deployments using Octopus and Selenium driven acceptance tests. We use TeamCity as our build server so I am very interested in seeing the tooling which is available to achieve continuous delivery when working with TFS.

Tyrannosaurus Rx: slaying the event-driven sauropod with Reactive Extensions for .NET
I have heard lots of great things about Reactive Extensions for .NET and really want to learn more about it - Enough said.

Testing crap in web applications like ASP.NET MVC
Yes, it's another testing focus session but it promises to go beyond the unit test "taking a feature-by-feature approach to testing". For me, this was a no-brainer.

The whole agenda can be found here

I will report back on how I got on at the event and how the sessions turned out.